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  1. Extraordinary EU leaders summit in Brussels

    Luxembourg PM Bettel begins second term of coalition government

    Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel was sworn in for a second term on Wednesday after his liberal-led coalition secured a narrow victory in an ...
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    Janet Yellen to depart US Fed in February

  3. Rohaizat Abdul Ani was found guilty

    Former Sabah anti-vice police chief jailed 40 years for rape, sodomising minor

    Deputy Superintendent Rohaizat Abd Ani, 58, lost his final appeal at the Court of Appeal on Friday (Mar 24) to set aside his rape and sodomy ...
  4. Asia Default Image

    Indonesia seeks 9-year jail term for people smuggling kingpin

    Indonesian prosecutors on Thursday (Mar 2) sought a nine-year jail term for a suspected people smuggling kingpin accused of organising an illegal ...
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    Budget designed for every Government to earn own keep: Chan Chun Sing

    The minister also responds to suggestions - voiced by WP members - that the Government is ignoring the short-term pains of the economy.
  6. Workers at Raffles Place - crop plastic bag guy out of pic on request

    Targeted measures in Budget 2017 to help industries: Lawrence Wong

    'We will continue to monitor the environment and if there is a need to, we will see what more we can do to help businesses,' says Second Finance ...
  7. Victoria Park murder

    Apex court upholds 18-year sentence for maid who murdered employer

    Dewi Sukowati killed Nancy Gan on Mar 19, 2014, after the socialite scolded the maid for serving her using a plastic tray, instead of a silver ...
  8. we are racist chant

    Chelsea fans face jail terms for racist violence

    In the Paris metro, the four were among Chelsea fans who chanted 'we are racist, we are racist and that's the way we like it' as they pushed back ...
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    S$130m disbursed under ComCare in FY2015, 10% higher than last year

    According to the MSF, there were around 87,000 beneficiaries of ComCare schemes in FY2015. Of these, the majority of households received ...