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  1. SOC police

    MHA tables Bill to expand Singapore police powers to better deal with terror attacks

    The Public Order and Safety (Special Powers) Bill will make it an offence to take photos and videos of police tactical operations during a ...
  2. Pakistan has three months to make enough changes to avoid being listed on a global terror financing

    Pakistan to 'devise strategy' to stay off terror financing list

    Pakistan will develop a strategy to avoid being put on a global terror financing watchlist, the finance minister said Monday, after China and ...
  3. A memorial to victims of the 2002 Bali bombings: Indonesia is planning reconciliation meetings

    Ex-Indonesian militants to apologise to attack victims

    More than 100 former Indonesian militants will this week apologise to survivors of attacks and families of the dead as part of a plan to promote ...
  4. benghazi mosque attack

    Bombing at mosque in Libya's Benghazi kills two, wounds 75: Medics

  5. mennel

    Muslim singer forced to quit French show over terror posts

  6. Counter-terrorism demo 6

    Expect higher security spending amid rising threats: Heng Swee Keat

    Keeping Singapore safe and secure will be “a very major item” in the Government’s expenditure, says Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat.
  7. Protesters raise clenched fists next to an anti-martial law placard during a rally near the US

    Martial law could strengthen extremist movement, warns Philippine Muslim leader

    If Filipino Muslims in the south feel threatened, dissent may go underground and find expression in violence, says the woman named one of the ...
  8. Pakistan has fought fierce campaigns against homegrown Islamist groups, and says it has lost

    Commentary: Why Pakistan continues to provide safe haven for the Afghan Taliban

    Suspension of military aid and other forms of US coercion are unlikely to get Pakistan to change its support for the Afghan Taliban and other ...