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  1. The Big Read: The Substation story

    The Big Read: The Substation story — how a disused power station became an arts powerhouse that launched a generation of artists

    More than an open space for artists to craft their works, it was the people and the community the space created that became The Substation’s ...
  2. In land-scarce and densely populated Singapore, the Government will have to continue balancing

    The Big Read: As clamour grows for preservation in land-scarce Singapore, something’s got to give

    While green groups spoken to agreed that the Government has become more receptive to their views, they believe it is now time to put conservation ...
  3. NMPs 1

    The Big Read: 30 years of NMP scheme - are non-partisan, unelected voices still needed in Parliament?

    Former NMPs and political analysts said that improvements must be made, particularly in allowing for greater transparency in its selection process ...
  4. The Big Read Dec 19 main pix

    The Big Read: Despite personal setbacks, ordinary Singaporeans on a mission to spread cheer amid COVID-19 gloom

    The show must go on. With COVID-19 having thrown everything and everyone off-kilter this year, the demand for community volunteers has grown in ...
  5. The Big Read: Goodbye T-score, goodbye PSLE stress? 1

    The Big Read: Goodbye T-score, goodbye PSLE stress? Not so fast, as anxious parents size up new scoring system

    Based on interviews with parents and their children, more often than not, it is the adults who appear to be more anxious than their kids taking ...
  6. FILE PHOTO: Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Biden holds campaign event in Wilmington, Delawa

    The Big Read: A fractious America and a few urgent matters of global proportions await Joe Biden

    Joe Biden may have emerged a clear victor in one of the most bruising US presidential elections ever, but it could take some doing to shake off ...
  7. The Big Read Apr 12 2020 1

    The Big Read: Frustrations, tender moments, creativity aplenty as Singaporeans stay home to rein in COVID-19

    Our interviews with Singaporeans found that working from home has its own set of challenges from technical problems, unreliable Internet ...