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  1. The white-sand resort of Boracay island was closed for six months

    Philippines' second top resort escapes Boracay-style shut down

    A threat to close a second world-famous but pollution-threatened beach in the Philippines was averted Thursday, drawing a sigh of relief from the ...
  2. Protestors have accused President Rodrigo Duterte of trampling on press freedom

    Philippines to charge news site Rappler for tax evasion

  3. FILE PHOTO: Former Philippine first lady Marcos adjusts her glasses after attending the first Mass

    Philippines' ex-first lady Imelda Marcos to appeal court's graft ruling

    The Philippines' anti-corruption court on Friday ordered the arrest of former first lady Imelda Marcos after finding her guilty on seven counts of ...
  4. A top view of the holiday island of Boracay during the first day of a temporary closure for tourist

    After makeover, Philippines welcomes tourists back to cleaner, leaner Boracay

    The Philippines reopened its top holiday island on Friday and promised sustainable tourism and a greener environment, welcoming back visitors ...
  5. Philippines drug killings

    UN drugs board slams killings in Philippines

    The UN-linked International Narcotics Control Board on Thursday (Mar 2) condemned the use of extrajudicial killings in the Philippines, where ...
  6. Thank you duterte

    Philippine leader sets 17 Vietnamese fishermen free

    Duterte ordered the release of the 17 men, who were apprehended aboard three fishing boats on Sep 8, after visiting Vietnam, a fellow member of ...
  7. New Content Item

    Philippines' crime war a risk for economy: S&P

    S&P maintained its stable outlook for the Philippines, but highlighted a range of "weaknesses" under the new Duterte administration that also ...