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  1. FILE PHOTO:    89th Academy Awards - Oscars Red Carpet Arrivals

    Scarlett Johansson film exit spotlights lack of roles for transgender actors

    Scarlett Johansson's decision to pull out of a film role playing an American gangster who was born a woman but identified as male could kickstart ...
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    'Vicious cycle' as conflict uproots millions in Africa

  3. India sex slave in Riyadh

    Sex slave's rescue in Riyadh reveals widening web of traffickers in India

    An Indian woman rescued from sex slavery in Saudi Arabia was brought back to her hometown in Gujarat on Sunday (Mar 19) amid concerns traffickers ...
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    Nepali girl suffocates to death after being banished for menstruating

    A 15-year-old girl was menstruating in an age-old Hindu practice banned over a decade ago.
  5. philippines lgbt parade

    Philippines LGBT group accuse police of failing to serve and protect

    A report detailing police abuses against LGBT people says police officers often assume that gay men and transgender women are sex workers, and ...
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    Sex workers suffer 'horrific' rape, beatings and discrimination: Report

    In many cases police are the perpetrators of the abuse, making sex workers reluctant to report the crime, especially if prostitution is illegal in ...
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    States, aid agencies agree to cut costs, free up money for people in crises

    Twenty-one donor countries and 16 aid organisations, which include several UN agencies and the Red Cross, agreed to reduce inefficiencies and slim ...