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  1. PJ Thum (1)

    Thum Ping Tjin had ‘clearly lied’ about academic credentials, no weight given to his views: Select Committee

    The committee, which released its report on Thursday (Sep 20), also said that it did not find Dr Thum to be a credible representor.
  2. Tan Wah Piow meets Mahathir Mohamad

    Malaysia PM Mahathir invited to speak at democracy conference by political activists

    Five Singaporeans met Dr Mahathir Mohamad, including former student union leader Tan Wah Piow and historian Thum Ping Tjin.
  3. Charles Chong Thum collage

    Thum Ping Tjin ‘engineered’ academic support for himself after hearing on Deliberate Online Falsehoods: Charles Chong

    An email exchange between two members of Project Southeast Asia suggests that there has been “a coordinated attempt, with foreign actors involved, ...