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  1. FILE PHOTO: FILE PHOTO: FILE PHOTO: Illustration picture of Tiktok with U.S. and Chinese flags

    TikTok filed a complaint against Trump administration to block US ban

    Popular video-sharing app TikTok has asked a U.S. judge to block the Trump administration banning on the Chinese social-media network, Bloomberg ...
  2. Last month the US Commerce Department placed Chinese tech giant Huawei and dozens of its affiliates

    Commentary: A Digital Iron Curtain may be descending between the US and China

    US actions against Huawei and most recently Tik Tok, will fracture the internet along nationalistic lines that go against the principles of free ...
  3. Banks' Outlook
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    Ep 17: Banks' Outlook

    Singapore banks brace themselves for a bumpy road ahead. Why are social media apps the new front in the US-China tech war? And could virtual ...
  4. Baking bread

    Commentary: In defence of baking bread, watching reality TV and other frivolous fads in the time of COVID-19

    From keeping up with Tik Tok trends to stalking reality TV couples on Instagram, the dreariness of living through the pandemic can create newfound ...
  5. Helpers And Mobile Phones: Is There A Win-Win Solution?
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    Ep 36: Helpers And Mobile Phones: Is There A Win-Win Solution?

    According to the International Labour Organization, 53% of maids in Singapore do not enjoy mobile phone entitlements. Are mobile phones ...
  6. FILE PHOTO: TikTok logo is displayed on the smartphone while standing on the U.S. flag in this illu

    US Navy bans TikTok from government-issued mobile devices

    Earlier this week the United States Navy banned the social media app TikTok from government-issued mobile devices, saying the popular short video ...