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  1. Yazmin Juarez testifies before a US House panel

    'World should know,' migrant tells US Congress of toddler's death

  2. Philippines burns 1.4 tonnes of seized drugs

    Philippine senator draws flak over toddler's drug-raid death comments

  3. Beware the baby teething trap

    Commentary: Beware the baby teething trap - many products don't work, some are dangerous

    Many teething products, like gels and necklaces, might actually harm babies, says paediatric dentist, Mihiri Silva.
  4. Miner rescue team stands next to steel tubes after failing the placement of them into the drilled w

    New setbacks in search for Spanish toddler

  5. Julen's parents Jose Rosello and Victoria Garcia are comforted by a Spanish Civil Guard after

    Toddler rescue effort reaches most dangerous stage in Spain - engineer

    Efforts to reach a two-year-old boy who fell into a borehole in southern Spain more than a week ago are nearing their most dangerous stage, an ...
  6. A malnourished child lies on a weighing scale at the malnutrition ward of al-Sabeen hospital in San

    Yemen war a 'living hell' for children - UNICEF

    In the malnutrition ward of a hospital in the Yemeni capital Sanaa, doctors weigh toddlers with protruding rib cages and skeletal limbs.
  7. US toddler shooting

    Toddler shoots playmates at Michigan daycare

    Two toddlers were hospitalised in critical condition after a playmate accidentally shot them with a loaded gun at a daycare in the US state of ...
  8. Asian hornets

    Toddler in Malaysia dies following hornet attack

    Her mother said the victim was attacked by hornets while playing alone at an empty food stall near their house.
  9. Naps to no naps tips

    Naps to no naps: 9 tips to ease the transition

    Having trouble dealing with a cranky tot who has missed his afternoon siesta? Solve junior’s naptime issues with these tips.