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  1. Baby sleeping

    Commentary: Napping helps your pre-schooler learn better

    Beyond the emotional regulation payoff, naps also provide a direct benefit to learning, says an observer.
  2. Beware the baby teething trap

    Commentary: Beware the baby teething trap - many products don't work, some are dangerous

    Many teething products, like gels and necklaces, might actually harm babies, says paediatric dentist, Mihiri Silva.
  3. US toddler shooting

    Toddler shoots playmates at Michigan daycare

    Two toddlers were hospitalised in critical condition after a playmate accidentally shot them with a loaded gun at a daycare in the US state of ...
  4. Asian hornets

    Toddler in Malaysia dies following hornet attack

    Her mother said the victim was attacked by hornets while playing alone at an empty food stall near their house.