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  1. Sengkang cops

    'Quick-thinking' Sengkang cops save toddler's life

    One called for an ambulance and another sought help at a nearby polyclinic while a third performed chest compressions on the two-year-old boy, who ...
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    Kuwait sentences parents to death for killing toddler

    The parents, both Kuwaitis, were arrested in May and accused of beating and torturing the girl until she died and then keeping her body in a ...
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    Mother jailed for letting boyfriend abuse her toddler

    Her boyfriend, Franklie Tan, was sentenced to six years and six months' jail and six strokes of the cane in September.
  4. Unidentified object in Marigold milk

    Woman finds unidentified object in toddler's Marigold milk

    She cut the packet open to pour the rest of the milk into his bottle, only to find a 5cm-long object that looked like fish skin.
  5. hostage situation

    Man who held toddler hostage charged for possessing knuckle-duster

    Muhammad Iskandah Suhaimi had locked himself and the two-year-old boy inside a Sembawang flat for more than 17 hours until police broke into the ...
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    Toddler recovers after three days in Siberian wilderness

    Toddler Tserin Dopchut was found in a forest three kilometres (two miles) from his village on Wednesday following a major search operation.