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    Highlights from the Singapore Bicentennial Conference, featuring Prof Wang Gungwu, Mr Ho Kwon Ping, Prof Farish Noor, Prof Tommy Koh.
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    'Antiquated' law 377A should be repealed: Tommy Koh

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    Commentary: Humanities at the heart of a holistic education in a tech-driven world

    The fourth industrial revolution has not made the study of the humanities irrelevant. We want our humanists to understand technology and our ...
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    ASEAN’s biggest challenge is to stay united: Tommy Koh

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    3 UK documents cited for Malaysia's application to revise Pedra Branca decision

    Malaysia claims the documents establish the new fact that “officials at the highest levels in the British colonial and Singaporean administration ...
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    Singapore's S$134m bottled water addiction

    How did bottled water grow into a multimillion-dollar industry in a country with perfectly safe drinking water from the tap?