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  1. Number of Chinese travellers to the US falls sharply | Video
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    Number of Chinese travellers to the US falls sharply | Video

    The number of Chinese travellers to the US has fallen sharply. So far this year, there are three per cent fewer Chinese visitors, continuing a ...
  2. Tour guides wait for tourists at Comercio square in downtown Lisbon

    In tourist-hungry Portugal, Brexit means 'Brelcome'

    Haunted by the idea that Brexit may affect Portugal's booming tourism industry, a government agency has launched a campaign to say "Brelcome" to ...
  3. Orchard Road shopping

    Possibility of car-free Orchard Road being explored: S Iswaran

    The Minister for Trade and Industry (Industry) says the shopping precinct must evolve to sustain its appeal.
  4. New Content Item

    Louvre reopens 24 hours after machete attack

    Art lovers returned to the Louvre in Paris on Saturday, 24 hours after soldiers outside the museum shot and seriously wounded a machete-wielding ...
  5. New Content Item

    ASEAN can work together to increase tourism numbers, says PM Lee

    Singapore’s Prime Minister outlines three ways to promote Southeast Asia as a single, unified travel destination.
  6. (Panu) Tourists on Kata Beach, Phuket

    Is a 'zero-dollar tour' crackdown paying off for Thai tourism?

    Officials from Thailand's tourism industry expect visitor arrivals to rebound during the high season this year, after a crackdown on cheap tour ...
  7. (pp) Myanmar tourism 1

    Myanmar’s tourism boom faces manpower challenges

    By 2020, there could be as many as 7.5 million international visitors to Myanmar, according to the Asian Development Bank. However, with limited ...
  8. Myanmar golf 1

    Golf industry in Myanmar ready to tee off

    Golf in Myanmar remains exclusive and expensive. But foundations are being laid to transform the sport, not only into a big money industry, but ...
  9. Halal 1

    Formal halal certification on the menu in Cambodia

    Cambodia will aim to entice more Muslim tourists to the country by formalising halal certifications for restaurants and food producers.
  10. drone sky afp

    'Sky's the limit' in Singapore's bid to become a drone hub

    As public and private entities here continue to explore the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, observers predict a “rapid and astronomical growth” ...