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  1. A plaque is pictured at University of Southern California in Los Angeles

    TPG Rise founder leaves firm in wake of US college admissions scandal

    TPG Capital said on Thursday it had fired senior executive Bill McGlashan after he was charged in connection with a U.S. college fraud scheme that ...
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    TPG Telecom ‘on track’ to have outdoor mobile network in Singapore by end-2018

    The Australian-based telco says key vendor contracts have been awarded in its full-year earnings report.
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    TPG Telecom wins right to be Singapore's 4th telco

    The spectrum rights will commence in April 2017, meaning that would be the earliest theoretical start for the new telco.
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    MyRepublic to vie for 4th telco status with TPG Telecom

    The other applicant, airYotta, was not given the status of a pre-qualified candidate for the New Entrant Spectrum Auction.
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    MyRepublic, airYotta, TPG Telecom submit bids to become Singapore's 4th telco

    MyRepublic, Australian telco TPG Telecom and a newly-formed company, airYotta, have indicated their interest with the Infocomm Development Authority.