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  1. Drunk driver along CTE on Oct 8

    51-year-old man arrested for suspected drink driving along CTE

  2. The Wider Image: Chaos, gridlock a daily ordeal for Manila's commuters

    Patients die as Manila traffic jams block ambulances

  3. 'Smartphone zombie' halts Vienna driverless bus test

    'Smartphone zombie' halts Vienna driverless bus test

  4. car traffic coe on highway expressway singapore file photo

    The new tech driving traffic on Singapore's roads

  5. New York traffic congestion

    Commentary: New York City adopts road congestion pricing, finally

    Congestion pricing in New York City can increase average travelling speeds and help to find investments in mass transit, says, University of ...
  6. Jalan Eunos incident

    Lorry driver arrested after road rage incident along Jalan Eunos