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  1. New York traffic congestion

    Commentary: New York City adopts road congestion pricing, finally

    Congestion pricing in New York City can increase average travelling speeds and help to find investments in mass transit, says, University of ...
  2. Jalan Eunos incident

    Lorry driver arrested after road rage incident along Jalan Eunos

  3. traffic police singapore

    Motorists to face harsher penalties for serious offences as MHA reviews traffic laws

  4. stock traffic police 02

    Higher fines for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists from April: MHA

  5. Traffic police drink driving operation (1)

    More drink-driving accidents, motorists running red lights: Police

    Drink-driving accidents increased by 17.3 per cent, while the number of red-light running violations spiked by 15.7 per cent, the police said.
  6. ERP MCE Maxwell Road

    ERP rates for 3 gantries to be removed during morning peak hour

  7. Carts on rails help Manila's commuters dodge gridlock 3

    Need for speed: Carts on rails help Manila's commuters dodge gridlock