traffic accident

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  1. Overturned car in Sengkang 2

    Driver believed to be missing after car overturns in Sengkang

  2. A view of the causeway bordering Malaysia's southern state of Johor Bahru

    2 dead, 3 injured in traffic accident at Causeway

  3. gavel crime

    Sleep-deprived driver who caused death of pedestrian jailed 3 months, given 5-year driving ban

    Galistan Aidan Glyn had gone out with his friends and had not slept the night before the accident occurred.
  4. cop killed while trying to save people from speeding car in china

    Chinese policeman killed trying to save pedestrians from speeding car

  5. reckless aye driver

    Retiree jailed, fined for ‘hit-and-run’ along AYE  

  6. Nissan fire Kedah

    Man burnt to death after car explodes along Malaysia highway

  7. Accident Compassvale 1

    Child taken to hospital after accident along Compassvale Drive