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  1. Planned vehicular impact guardrails along the footpath at Marine Parade Roundabout

    More safety measures at Marine Parade roundabout after fatal accident

  2. TP road rage angry 2

    Commentary: What happened to caution and graciousness on the roads?

    Tougher punishments and more cameras cannot replace the need for better attitudes towards road safety.
  3. The Pulse
    Media playtime

    1 Mar 2019: Impatient drivers and other threats on the roads

    There were fewer traffic accidents in Singapore last year, so why do 1 in 2 drivers say they feel less safe than three years ago?
  4. Netherlands train accident

    'Worst nightmare': Dutch rail collision kills 4 children

    Four young children from a Dutch daycare centre were killed on Thursday (Sep 20) when a train smashed into their electric cart at a crossing, in ...