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  1. Ep 2
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    Ep 2: Cashing In On Cuteness

    We watch them for giggles, sometimes to be amazed, but are cute videos of kids and animals as harmless as they seem to be? The dark side of viral ...
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    Ep 10: Slavery At Sea

    For decades, thousands of vulnerable migrants have been enslaved onboard untraceable Thai fishing boats lingering far out in international waters.
  3. Philippines Duterte Drug Killings

    Duterte suspected extrajudicial killings in his drug war

    Duterte suspected extrajudicial killings in his drug war
  4. Adoption advertisement on Facebook

    Facebook: An emerging black market for Philippines’ baby trade

    Commercial adoption of children is a crime in the Philippines. As criminals continue to evade detection, a new platform for the illegal trade has ...
  5. A mother hold a baby in a park

    ‘It’s not that I want to sell my kid. I just need money’: The Philippine mothers who sell their babies

    In the Philippines, some new mothers who feel they cannot raise their own babies sell them in the illegal trade of child adoption.
  6. A Filipino infant in his mother's arms

    Babies for sale: An investigation into the Philippines’ adoption trade

    In the Philippines, newborn children are traded under the guise of 'adoption'.
  7. abuse shot

    ‘She had lost all reason to live’: Undoing the horrors of being trafficked to Singapore and seeking justice

    Two Indian nationals were the first in Singapore to be sentenced for labour trafficking. But to build a strong case against them, their victims ...
  8. (pp) cybersex story2

    'We didn't have much to eat': Poverty pushes some kids towards paid sex abuse in the Philippines

    In the second part of an investigation into the online streaming of child sex abuse, a victim recounts what happened to her and experts explain ...