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  1. Filipina Gladys Gayeta, 22, a trainee at Starlite Co. car parts factory, works with her fellow trai

    As Japan considers allowing more foreigners, tiny rural town wants to go further

    Brazilian Luan Dartora Taniuti settled in the remote municipality of Akitakata in southwest Japan when he was nine. Leonel Maia of East Timor has ...
  2. workers at singapore financial district

    More support for PMETs, especially mature workers: Lim Swee Say

    The Manpower Minister announced details of a new programme that would train PMETs while attached to the workplace and provide salary support.
  3. SMRT incident photo 19

    SMRT fined S$400,000 for safety lapses leading to fatal accident near Pasir Ris station

    Trainees Nasrulhudin Majumudin, 26, and Muhammad Asyraf Ahmad Buhari, 24, were hit and killed by an oncoming train between Tampines MRT station ...
  4. Streets in Japan

    Foreign workers in Japan hit 1m for the first time

    Slightly over a million foreigners from countries such as China and Vietnam were working in Japan as of last October.
  5. SMRT incident photo 1

    2 SMRT staff, including train driver, sacked over fatal Pasir Ris accident

    The National Transport Workers' Union says it will review the situation, study the grounds for dismissal and work with the affected staff on their ...
  6. New Content Item

    Up to 20 US Marine personnel face action in Muslim recruit's death

    The US Marine Corps is weighing criminal or administrative charges against as many as 20 personnel at a recruit training depot following the death ...
  7. ERT 2

    All officers trained to deal with terrorism and threats: Singapore police

    The Singapore Police Force says that since the Sep 11 attacks in the United States, a terrorism module has been introduced as part of all trainee ...
  8. Jharna Joshi

    Indian student goes undercover to expose child labour

    "I will continue to fight until the ceramic unit owners are behind bars. They used to make children work in such sub-human conditions," the ...
  9. New Content Item

    Football: Leicester to sign German World Cup goalkeeper Zieler

    Cologne-born Zieler will be returning to England having spent two years as a trainee at Manchester United, plus a loan spell at Northampton Town.