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    Singapore 6th-least corrupt country in the world: Annual index

  2. Indonesia graft

    Indonesian politicians implicated in major graft case

    Indonesian politicians, including the justice minister and ex-interior minister, and officials were implicated on Thursday (Mar 9) in a major ...
  3. Marcos loyalists at Manila

    Protests as Philippine dictator Marcos given hero's burial

    The Supreme Court said last week that Marcos, who ruled the nation for two decades until millions of people took to the streets in the 1986 ...
  4. Paul Low Malaysia

    Malaysian political financing body recommends new laws, ban on foreign donations

    The National Consultative Committee on Political Financing has come up with 32 recommendations in its report on Political Financing in Malaysia.
  5. Asia Default Image

    Vietnam hunts former state-oil exec for 'mismanagement'

    Vietnam has issued an arrest warrant for a scandal-hit senior official accused of mismanaging a unit of government-run oil giant, the latest ...
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    Uganda stops paying more than 5,500 'ghost' civil servants

    President Yoweri Museveni promised a crackdown on corruption after being sworn into office for a fifth consecutive term in May, and the country ...