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  1. Hong Kong lawmakers grill justice chief over China rail link

  2. ASIA'S FUTURE CITIES: High-speed rail on track to connect Vientiane to the region

    If China’s ambitious plans are realised, within five years, Laos could have hundreds of kilometres of high-speed rail line connecting its capital ...
  3. Raffles Country Club to make way for KL-Singapore High-Speed Rail

    The club announced the move on its website.
  4. Singapore, Malaysia sign bilateral agreement for High-Speed Rail project

    The signing of the bilateral agreement paves the way for the implementation of the KL-Singapore HSR project.
  5. Japanese operators confident of winning bid to develop KL-Singapore High-Speed Rail

    The Shinkansen's (bullet train) safety track record, reliability and comparatively low costs gives Japan's rail operators an edge over competitors ...
  6. Orders of shorter-range planes expected to take off at Singapore Airshow

    Despite the gloomy global economy, organiser Experia Events is hopeful of seeing order values matching those of the event in 2014.