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  1. Felicia Chin

    Mum's temper and Dad's passing led to Felicia Chin's anxiety and eating disorder

    Fortunately, the actress had support from "a lot of nice people", including fellow artistes, during those trying times.
  2. NYT illo for How to write a gratitude letter

    How to write a gratitude letter that will make you and the recipient feel good

    Concerned about a friend or a loved one who may be feeling the doldrums? Try writing them a gratitude letter.
  3. Zhuang Lingyun

    Taiwanese singer Zhuang Lingyun, 21, falls to death from school building

    Zhuang was discovered at a talent show, where she was mentored by Yoga Lin and Jam Hsiao, at the age of 18.
  4. Pesta Perdana 2021

    Fantasy-drama series Raksasa wins big at Pesta Perdana 2021

    The series picked up awards for Best Drama Special, Best Actor In A Leading Role - Drama Special/Anthology, Best Writing - Drama, and Best Editing ...
  5. Two women dancing to video on handphone

    Can't dance? TikTok and YouTube tutorials by the pros break it down for you

    Whether you’re trying to master dances from music videos, movies or elsewhere, a decent tutorial can be the difference between a frustrating ...
  6. Woman tending to plants at home

    How to bring nature into your home with the right houseplants

    It’s no surprise that greenery has gained popularity during the pandemic. Here’s how to make the most of it at home.
  7. Woman in bed who can't sleep

    Can't sleep? Treat yourself like a baby – try swaddling, white noise and more

    If you suffer from insomnia, it can't hurt to try out the same methods you would use to get an infant to sleep, right?
  8. Jeffrey Kong

    Creative Capital: The Singapore brick artist who built a business using Lego

    Jeffrey Kong founded Artisan Bricks, a company that provides Lego consultancy services such as running workshops and creating installations.
  9. People watching fireworks

    Firecrackers fly in the sky as Taiwanese celebrate pared back festival

    The festival originated in the late 19th century during a cholera epidemic, when fireworks were set off to drive away the sickness.