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  1. Anthony Bourdain Hungry Ghosts (1280x720)

    Anthony Bourdain’s Hungry Ghosts comics to be made into an animated TV show

    The animated series will mix Japanese horror and food, and will be developed by the company behind the Oscar-winning Spider-Man: Into The ...
  2. Cat owner renting a place 99co hero unsplash-paul-hanaoka

    Looking to rent a place with your cat? Make sure you follow these steps

    From renting unfurnished properties to keeping that S$3,000 curtain away from kitty’s claws, here are things to keep both your cat and your ...
  3. Sophie Turner X-Men Dark Phoenix poster

    Why did Dark Phoenix fail so miserably? X-Men director says it’s all his fault

    In an interview, Simon Kinberg admitted it failed to connect with audiences – but says he still liked making it.
  4. Siwon Choi Super Junior Bali

    K-pop band Super Junior’s Choi Siwon spotted in Bali before Indonesia concert

    The K-pop boyband member posted photos of him chilling out a week before joining the rest of the group for their show today as part of their world ...
  5. Chris Hemsworth Kumail Nanjiani Jimmy Fallon Men In Black

    Chris Hemsworth’s unusual teenage job and Kumail Nanjiani’s Singapore ‘murder’ moment

    Before they became famous, seems like the two Men In Black: International stars were involved in some pretty odd stuff that had to do with breasts ...
  6. Spotify playlist for children

    When your kids take over the Spotify playlist while you’re driving

    In this week’s Chubby Hubby, Portly Papa column, Aun Koh finds out it’s futile to resist Let it Go, Pikachu and Wise Master Wu – especially if ...
  7. Leaking ceiling neighbour property damage 99co 2

    Does your ceiling leak? What to do when a neighbour’s property damage spreads to yours

    Whether it’s a water leak or an electrical fire from next door or upstairs, it can be a headache trying to deal with your neighbours. But there ...
  8. Madonna concert promoter denies claims of bad ticket sales

    Madonna’s concert promoter hits back at claims of poor ticket sales

    Live Nation called the news “absolute lies” as the singer’s latest album Madame X receives mixed reviews from critics.
  9. Gram cafe souffle pancakes

    The wobbly souffle pancake trend is on the rise – here's where to eat it up

    Fluffy, puffy and oh-so Instagrammable. Time to sink your teeth into this increasingly popular dish of tiny, round clouds of deliciousness.
  10. Inappropriate photos at Chernobyl Instagram

    Instagrammers are posing for ‘inappropriate’ sexy shots at Chernobyl

    With the HBO series becoming a hit, social media users have flocked to the nuclear disaster site to pose for some questionable photos.