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  1. Mindy Chow of Soami jewellery

    This jewellery designer wants you to tell your own stories through her pieces

    Mindy Chow's jewellery brand SOAMI is beloved for its personalisation service.
  2. Group buy hosts Ashley Teo (left) and Cheryl Guo preparing orders for fresh fruits for collection.

    Not just free delivery and bulk discounts: The rise of community group buys in Singapore

    Some started off just wanting their food delivered with no extra charge. These group-buy hosts now collate orders for hundreds of people at a time ...
  3. mangrove-sungeibuloh1

    Commentary: Mangroves, a crown jewel of Singapore’s coastline

    Besides being incredibly biodiverse, Singapore’s mangroves work hard every day to support and protect us, says Dan Friess of NUS.
  4. Illustration of email

    Nobody likes email – could Gen Z free the world from the tyranny of the inbox?

    Those under 30 are rejecting email, preferring less institutionalised forms of communication at work such as Google Docs and Zoom.
  5. Parent child parenting

    Commentary: The many judgmental traps of modern-day parenting

    Parenting can be a multi-headed hydra, with pressures to conform to a “right” type, says Cherie Tseng.
  6. Ashton Kutcher arrives at the 23rd Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles

    Why actor Ashton Kutcher backed out of the Virgin Galactic space flight

    He still wants to go to space, but fatherhood has its responsibilities.
  7. pandemic hobbies

    What is your pandemic hobby? For some, it's making money

    In trying to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, many people found solace in a new pastime. A few have found profit.
  8. (AP)

    Did you know that a coronavirus epidemic hit 20,000 years ago?

    Scientists say that a few dozen human genes rapidly evolved in ancient East Asia to thwart coronavirus infections. Those genes could be crucial to ...
  9. Creative Capital - Mae Kwan White

    The Singapore-based wellness creative who wants to help you heal yourself

    Mae Kwan White is an artist, fashion entrepreneur, yogini, feng shui expert and singing bowl therapist, who wants to improve your life ...