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  1. Libya unrest

    Libyan strongman Haftar tells Macron no ceasefire for now

  2. FILE PHOTO: A fighter loyal to Libyan internationally recognised government fires a heavy machine g

    Libyan gunmen halt water pipeline to besieged Tripoli

    Gunmen have cut off the main water pipeline to Libya's besieged capital Tripoli, spelling more misery for residents already reeling from weeks of ...
  3. Shell casings in Libya

    Snatched selfies along Libya's frontline point to long war

  4. FILE PHOTO: Smoke rises during a fight between members of the Libyan internationally recognised gov

    Cholera, more civilian casualties feared in Libya: WHO

    A month-old battle for Libya's capital Tripoli risks causing an "exponential" rise in civilian casualties as well as outbreaks of deadly diseases ...
  5. Bean sandwiches are ready for sale at a restaurant in Benghazi

    Beans or brioche: Breakfast is divisive in Libyan conflict

    Coffee and a pastry covered in chocolate, honey and almonds or a savoury bean stew sandwich with juice or a fizzy drink.
  6. A Libyan volunteer repairs a weapon belonging to the Members of the Libyan internationally recognis

    Stalemate persists in Tripoli after overnight fighting, more civilians flee

    Heavy fighting raged through the night in the battle for the Libyan capital Tripoli, with neither side able to secure gains on the frontlines as ...
  7. FILE PHOTO: Members of Libyan National Army (LNA) commanded by Khalifa Haftar, get ready before hea

    After Tripoli assault, Libya's next battle could be over banks

    Eastern Libya commander Khalifa Haftar has thrown much of his military forces into attacking Tripoli, but the outcome of the offensive could be ...
  8. Members of Libyan internationally recognised government forces pass near a damaged tank belonging t

    Libyan forces push back Haftar's forces south of Tripoli

  9. Members of the the Libyan internationally recognised government forces

    Eastern Libyan forces plan to intensify Tripoli offensive

  10. Troops from eastern Libyan forces are seen in Ain Zara, south of Tripoli

    East Libyan warplanes hit Tripoli government positions

    Gunfire and blasts echoed through downtown Tripoli in the small hours of Friday as the eastern Libyan LNA force pushed against the forces of the ...