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  1. swiss cottage secondary NE

    Commentary: Public trust in our educators is fragile and can be easily fractured

    Recent cases of misconduct and alleged impropriety should spur us to think about how to preserve strong relations between educators, students and ...
  2. New Content Item

    Commentary: The decline of trust in governments around the world

    While people's trust in their politicians has been damaged, it would be morally unacceptable to give up on the project of restoring political ...
  3. A Bitcoin conference in New York in 2014

    Commentary: Even with blockchain and cryptocurrency, trust still needed

    Many imagine the blockchain and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin will lead to a world without governments, banks or institutions verifying ...
  4. Greg Clarke

    Football: 'We've lost public's trust', admits FA chairman

  5. New Content Item

    Jurong West Internet services fully restored after day-long outage

    Progress to restore the services was hampered by poor site conditions and heavy rain, fibre network operator NetLink Trust says.
  6. speakers' corner

    Right to free speech not absolute in any country: Singapore's High Commissioner to the UK

    Responding to an article by The Economist magazine, Ms Foo Chi Hsia says that Singapore does not stifle criticism of the Government but also will ...
  7. New Content Item

    Fibre installation fees for homes could be lowered; IMDA begins public consultation

    One of the proposals would see the cost of deploying fibre to a residential unit in a high-rise building fall from S$220 to S$203, should IMDA ...
  8. Singapore skyline

    Public feedback wanted on proposed changes to Trustees Act

    The proposed amendments underline Singapore’s commitment as a responsible member of the international community to global efforts in countering ...
  9. Asia Default Image

    Philippines won't 'deviate from' arbitration ruling on China: Minister

    The Philippines said on Monday it will not deviate from an international tribunal ruling that rejected China's extensive claims in the South China ...