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  1. Indonesia’s Palu quake survivors still living in emergency shelters | Video
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    Indonesia’s Palu quake survivors still living in emergency shelters | Video

    Around 3,000 people who survived last year’s earthquake in Indonesia’s Central Sulawesi province are still living in emergency shelters. The ...
  2. Bui Squad inmates distributing aid earthquake victims in Donggala

    Palu quake provides a shot at redemption for Indonesian prisoners

  3. The Kamaishi Recovery Memorial stadium is hosting two matches at the 2019 Rugby World Cup

    Tsunami-hit town gets ready to welcome the world

    Fiji's clash with Uruguay on Wednesday may seem like just another Rugby World Cup group fixture, but for the people of Kamaishi, where the match ...
  4. Palu Anniversary (27)

    Some Palu quake victims still looking for a place they can call home

    Almost a year after a devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Palu in Indonesia, some people are still living in temporary accommodation.
  5. Palu Anniversary (33)

    One year on, businesses in quake-hit Palu still reeling from economic slowdown

    On Sep 28, 2018, Palu was hit by a devastating earthquake and tsunami. A year after the disaster, CNA traveled to the area to find out how people ...
  6. Indonesians stay out of their homes after quake

    Major 7.3 quake hits remote Malukus in eastern Indonesia

  7. Residents gather outside their homes in Ternate after a strong 6.9-magnitude earthquake

    Indonesia cancels tsunami alert after strong earthquake

  8. tonga earthquake

    New Zealand cancels tsunami alert after powerful quake