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  1. Residents affected by the tsunami attend a mass during Christmas at Carita Pentecostal Church in Pa

    Indonesia tsunami survivors hold vigil at Christmas mass

    It was a solemn Christmas for the congregation in Indonesia's Carita, a seaside town left reeling from the tsunami that has killed over 400 people ...
  2. Five-year-old boy rescued in Indonesia

    Indonesia tsunami: 5-year-old boy rescued alive from car wreck

  3. An aerial view of Anak Krakatau volcano during an eruption at Sunda strait in South Lampung

    Krakatau volcano partial collapse triggered Indonesia tsunami - officials

    A large chunk of the southern flank of the volcanic Anak Krakatoa island may have slipped into the ocean just minutes before a tsunami hit an ...
  4. Russia quake

    Powerful quake strikes off Russia's far east: USGS

  5. New Content Item

    Powerful earthquake strikes off Russia's far east, no tsunami threat

  6. The Wider Image: Seeking talismans of former lives in quake rubble

    Indonesians seek talismans of former lives in quake rubble

    Wooden beams tilted at crazy angles poke out of piles of shattered concrete littered with battered motorbikes and household items, from crumpled ...
  7. A family searches for their belongings in the remains of their home in the Petobo neighbourhood whi

    Search called off in Indonesian quake-tsunami: Official