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  1. Tuas lorry 2

    Driver injured after lorry overturns in Tuas accident

  2. Buoy fire Tuas

    Marine buoys on fire in Tuas

  3. New Content Item

    Heavy traffic expected at Woodlands, Tuas checkpoints during school holidays: ICA

    Traffic build-up is "inevitable" with security checks, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority said.
  4. Lorry accident Tuas South Avenue 5

    26 migrant workers sent to hospital after Tuas lorry accident

  5. New Tuas bus terminal 2

    New Tuas bus terminal to open on Oct 7

  6. Boars1

    Large group of wild boars spotted at Tuas bus terminal

  7. SCDF put out Tuas South St fire

    Fire breaks out at Tuas waste management plant