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    The Big Read: With mid-year exams scrapped, students rediscover joy of learning — yet old habits die hard

    Some parents say the removal of mid-year exams has no bearing on their children’s learning at home. Others, however, say it makes a difference — ...
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    Commentary: This March holidays, don't be a super planner-parent

    Parents should avoid over-planning holidays so kids can exercise autonomy, says mum June Yong.
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    Tuition anytime, anywhere: Online platform hopes to become the ‘Airbnb of tuition’

    Singapore-based start-up teachnlearn’s online platform allows tutors to list their services and conduct their lessons online.
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    Commentary: What is lost when we spend more on tuition

    If we allow our perception of the “ideal child” to cloud our decisions, we may forget that our children are individuals who need their own space ...
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    The Big Read: No exams? No problem! Some tuition centres rush in to fill gap, soothe anxious parents

    After MOE's announcement last month on reducing the number of tests, many tuition centres are stepping forward to fill the vacuum keenly felt by ...
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    Commentary: Afraid your kids will catch HFMD? Don’t let modern day parenting be ruled by fear

    If we want our children to grow up courageous, resilient and independent, then parents must display these values in facing everyday challenges, ...
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    Commentary: What hope do monolingual parents have in raising bilingual children?

    Director of the National University of Singapore’s Infant and Child Language Centre discusses what hope monolingual parents have in raising ...