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  1. moe mother tongue video

    Commentary: What hope do monolingual parents have in raising bilingual children?

    Director of the National University of Singapore’s Infant and Child Language Centre discusses what hope monolingual parents have in raising ...
  2. classroom student

    Commentary: What getting ready for school really means

    As parents fret over the logistics of readying a child for school, a mother of three highlights the importance of training young kids to have ...
  3. primary school students

    Commentary: Many pathways to success, GEP is but one

    Why do so many parents strive to get their kids into the gifted programme? June Yong discusses the opportunities a gifted programme offers students.
  4. TP gifted 3

    Parents splash out on prep classes for gifted programme. Should they?

    To give their children a better chance of acing the GEP selection test, they are sending them for training - but is it advisable? Talking Point ...
  5. Miao's founder Betty Zhou and Ong Ze Xuan

    Tech start-ups cram into Singapore’s education sector

    Start-ups are eyeing a slice of Singapore’s education sector with apps that offer automated homework assistance and the use of data analytics to ...
  6. Yip Pin Xiu gold

    New SMU sports scholarship named after Yip Pin Xiu

    The bond-free scholarship will give up to two awardees a year a full tuition fee waiver for four years as well as an allowance.
  7. MOE (2)

    AGO report: WP statements are "incorrect", says MOE

    In its statement earlier on Monday, the WP said that more than half of the scholars selected by the AGO for test-checks failed to fulfil their ...
  8. Auditor-General's Report - front cover

    AGO report: Workers' Party calls for transparency in remedial actions

    The multiple lapses in public sector spending and governance are "matters of grave public concern" and should be adequately addressed by the ...