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  1. NSL disruption toa payoh

    Commentary: An inter-agency committee to deal with MRT tunnel flooding? This sounds familiar

    Singapore has a penchant for forming taskforces and committees to deal with crisis and issues of national concern, but such solutions are not a ...
  2. nsl delay Nov 14 2017

    Commentary: Focus SMRT’s recovery on dealing with delays and disruptions decisively

    SMRT’s efforts to address the tunnel flooding incident are laudable but the company should focus on productive ways to manage future delays and ...
  3. smrt ceo and chairman

    Khaw Boon Wan on MRT tunnel flooding saga: 'It begins from the top'

    In a statement delivered in Parliament, the Transport Minister details the underlying reasons behind the tunnel flooding incident, along with the ...
  4. smrt train in flooded tunnel

    MRT tunnel flooding: Khaw says no evidence of shortcomings in regulatory oversight by LTA, MOT

    LTA had highlighted the importance of regular and diligent maintenance of tunnel pump systems to SMRT, but remedial actions instructed were not ...