typhoon haiyan

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  1. Victim of Typhoon Haiyan

    Dislocation and dysfunction hang over lives of Tacloban evacuees, five years after Typhoon Haiyan

    Five years after Tacloban was devastated by Typhoon Haiyan, recovery projects are still riddled with problems. Less than one third of families ...
  2. Meranti passing over Itbayat

    Eye of typhoon Meranti passes over Philippines' Itbayat

    There has been no word yet on the fate of 3,000 inhabitants on the Philippine island of Itbayat after the eye of typhoon Maeranti passed over it.
  3. Typhoon Haiyan rebuild.

    Philippine communities still vulnerable to typhoons

    The scale of destruction after Haiyan has led to a call for more typhoon-proof architecture, but many residents are still living in temporary housing.