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  1. Rugby World Cup 2019 - Pool A - Scotland v Russia

    Scotland on the offensive over Typhoon cancellations

    Scottish Rugby Union chief Mark Dodson said he is ready to launch a legal challenge to prevent World Cup organisers cancelling his country's game ...
  2. Japan Typhoon Hagibis

    Japan's capital braces for what could be worst typhoon in 60 years

    A powerful storm approached Japan on Friday, threatening to batter its capital with the heaviest rain in 60 years, disrupting a Formula One Grand ...
  3. Rescue workers help residents after Typhoon Lekima hit the city of Linhai

    Death toll rises to 44 as typhoon Lekima wreaks havoc in eastern China

    The death toll from typhoon Lekima in eastern China rose to 44 people on Monday morning, according to official data, as the storm continued up the ...