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    Ep 6: Porn Without Permission

    Non-consensual pornography is fast on the rise in Singapore. These private and intimate images are uploaded and shared on the Internet without ...
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    Ep 10: Slavery At Sea

    For decades, thousands of vulnerable migrants have been enslaved onboard untraceable Thai fishing boats lingering far out in international waters.
  3. UA7 Caught In The Middle
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    Ep 1: Caught In The Middle

    What does it mean to fight an impossible battle in a city full of violence, fear and uncertainty? Undercover Asia examines the Hong Kong protests ...
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    Ep 3: The Dark Side Of Skin Lightening

    Many Filipinos desire to have a lighter skin tone, and they want it fast. Their go-to fix: creams and injections that are increasingly popular ...
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    Ep 4: Airpocalypse

    In November 2019, India's capital city, Delhi plunges into an air pollution crisis. As winter 2020 approaches, can Delhi prevent another airpocalypse?
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    Ep 2: Plastic Wasteland

    In 2018 China stops importing recyclables, creating global chaos and flooding Southeast Asian countries with unwanted plastic. For Indonesia, ...
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    Ep 5: Household Debt Bomb

    Every minute,  South Korea's household debt rises by US$90,000. Korean households are the most indebted in Asia, but they're still splashing out.
  8. UA7 Ep7 Beauty Pageant
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    Ep 7: Cost Of The Crown

    In the last decade, the Philippines won 9 international crowns, which triggered a surge in the number of beauty pageants and pageant hopefuls. But ...
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    Ep 8: Dangerous Fakes

    Counterfeiting syndicates are no longer just faking handbags and luxury items. They are now gunning for everyday products you use and consume -  ...
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    Ep 9: Toxic Town

    In March 2019, an industrial town in the southern Malaysian state of Johor was poisoned. An illegal dumping of toxic waste caused more than 4,000 ...