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  1. hawker centre ang mo kio

    Commentary: Protecting our hawker culture requires us to give hawkers more autonomy

    While Singapore’s nomination for its hawker culture to be inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List is under consideration, our efforts to ...
  2. People queue for food at a hawker centre in Singapore

    UNESCO bid not about claiming ownership of hawker culture: NHB

    The nomination will be evaluated by six UNESCO experts qualified in various fields of intangible cultural heritage and six representatives of ...
  3. Nahamage 2

    Japanese 'demon' festival grapples with blessing and curse of UNESCO listing

    UNESCO's registering Namahage as a cultural property last year has given new life to the colourful tradition. But experts say it doesn't guarantee ...
  4. Vietnam seeks to preserve singing art form | Video
    Media playtime

    Vietnam seeks to preserve singing art form | Video

    In Vietnam, Ca Tru is a sophisticated art form that combines poetry and music. Ca Tru singing is on UNESCO's list of Intangible Cultural Heritage.
  5. Hawker Chan char siew

    Commentary: UNESCO listing may lift hawker culture but saving it is a different challenge

    The bid to list Singapore hawkers may help preserve hawker culture as a distinctive expression of Singapore’s customs but continued efforts are ...
  6. Taj Mahal

    Critics say India heritage scheme means Taj Mahal privatisation

    Heritage activists on Sunday (Apr 29) accused the Indian government of trying to privatise historic relics such as the Taj Mahal after it launched ...