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  1. Around 262,000 Filipinos work in Kuwait, nearly 60 percent of them domestic workers

    Commentary: In the Philippines, the pitfalls of an education aimed at exporting people

    Before Filipinos are recruited and deployed overseas, colleges and universities intentionally work to educate students for overseas jobs, says one ...
  2. ong ye kung iaap panel

    Singapore universities should look beyond international rankings: Panel

  3. Amsterdam

    Dutch move to halt spread of English in universities

  4. Family Singapore

    Commentary: Can education fix inequality in Singapore? If not, what can?

    As a mature, high-income and slow-growing economy, Singapore cannot expect rapid growth to mask the economic effects and social challenges of ...
  5. File photo of students taking their seats for the diploma ceremony at Harvard University in Cambrid

    Commentary: Education reforms illusive as tax cuts lead to higher degree costs, widening skills gap

    A large class of under-skilled, under-employed American workers will continue to plague businesses unless tax cuts starving education funding are ...
  6. The new Yale-NUS College campus. (Photos: Yale-NUS' Facebook page) (1)

    Commentary: A liberal arts education in Singapore and the usefulness of ‘useless’ knowledge

    The idea of a liberal arts education challenges the pre-eminence of vocational preparation. Yale-NUS College’s Terry Nardin discusses the value of ...
  7. NUS graduation 2

    Commentary: A second education arms race may be on the horizon

    Job seekers are increasingly expected to possess not just a degree but internships, leadership roles, community projects, overseas experience and ...
  8. NUS graduation 2

    Commentary: Asia’s growing impact on global higher education

    Amid major shifts in the higher education landscape in Asia, universities must ensure their education remains relevant and seize new opportunities ...
  9. FILE PHOTO: Finance Minister Ignatius Chombo speaks at a rally of the ruling ZANU PF party in Harare

    Ousted Zimbabwe finance minister Chombo in court over corruption charges

    Former Zimbabwe finance minister Ignatius Chombo, who was among those detained by the military when they seized power before Robert Mugabe ...