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  1. Office discussion meeting

    Commentary: Hire an arts graduate to formulate business strategy. Why not?

    With several new autonomous universities emerging in the last few years and a new arts university on the horizon, employers must embrace ...
  2. A level students (2)

    Commentary: Forget uni for now. After the A-Levels, get work experience first

    An internship or traineeship can give you invaluable knowledge about dealing with business transformation and disruption — a crucial skill for a ...
  3. NUS graduation 2

    Commentary: Let’s stop overstating the value of a university degree beyond your first job

    The COVID-19 crisis has accentuated the importance of certain skills and traits for professional success, and shown that degrees aren’t the sole ...
  4. File photo of Chinese students graduating.

    Commentary: Closing door to Chinese students in US universities achieves little, only creates more tension

    The current political environment, the public health crisis and growing xenophobia have brought uncertainty to the future of Chinese students ...
  5. School of Business graduates toss their hats into the air for family members to take picture

    IN FOCUS: Has COVID-19 killed the appeal of studying overseas?

    With COVID-19 disrupting overseas travel, and with many institutes around the world conducting classes remotely, CNA investigates whether the ...
  6. 15 million Indian voters cast their ballots for the first time this year | Video
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    15 million Indian voters cast their ballots for the first time this year | Video

    In India, more than half of its 1.3 billion population are younger than 25. And this year, almost 15 million voters between 18 and 19 are said to ...