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  1. Chinese University of Hong Kong protest graduation ceremony

    Masked university students rally at graduation ceremony in Hong Kong

    About 1,000 students, many wearing black masks, attended a graduation ceremony at the Chinese University of Hong Kong on Thursday, with some ...
  2. Mortar board hats are thrown in the air at University of Brighton's graduation ceremony

    Commentary: Is a first-class degree really that important?

    Many UK graduate recruiters are weighing up other skills alongside academic achievement, says the Financial Times' Amy Borrett.
  3. File photo of NTU undergraduates studying

    Commentary: The tightrope universities walk in tackling orientation activities like the 'kukubird' controversy

    Universities exist within a wider social milieu. Administrators and students cannot afford to ignore the wider repercussions of these activities ...
  4. File photo of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) lecture theatre.

    Commentary: What’s the problem with a cheer about 'kukubirds'?

    Instead of being so quick to judge a childish orientation activity, it is more important to continue to guard against overly sexual, misogynistic ...
  5. FILE PHOTO: Students attend a lecture in an auditorium of a university in Munich

    Commentary: Where is the line between getting help on a school assignment and cheating?

    Students and teachers have different ideas of what construes academic misconduct, says Victoria University's Peter Hurley.
  6. 15 million Indian voters cast their ballots for the first time this year | Video
    Media playtime

    15 million Indian voters cast their ballots for the first time this year | Video

    In India, more than half of its 1.3 billion population are younger than 25. And this year, almost 15 million voters between 18 and 19 are said to ...
  7. FILE PHOTO: Graduates gather outside Senate House after their graduation ceremony at Cambridge Univ

    Commentary: Should universities even accept donations from hopeful parents?

    The US admissions scandal has shone a light on a broader ethical question around university funding, says the Financial Times Gillian Tett
  8. New Content Item

    Commentary: The slow destruction of the American mind

    To arrest America's decline, Americans must first accept how far the country has fallen behind in the last two years, Emeritus Professor of ...