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  1. Biden Report Card
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    Ep 5: Biden Report Card

    After the first 100 days in the White House, what will the Biden presidency mean for you and your money in Asia?
  2. Biden

    Commentary: Biden’s big fiscal gamble on America’s future

    Biden's ambitious bills risk over-interpreting the times, says the Financial Times’ Edward Luce.
  3. FILE PHOTO: People shop at the Citadel Outlet mall, as the global outbreak of the coronavirus disea

    Commentary: Don’t expect the economy to rebound to pre-pandemic demand

    Recent trends in US consumer spending suggest that the natural forces of pent-up demand may largely be spent, says Stephen S Roach.
  4. Decision Time
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    Ep 29: Decision Time

    The path ahead after November 3, and what it means for money matters in Asia. Building back better post-COVID-19 - why low carbon makes business ...
  5. US Election 2020
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    Ep 28: US Election 2020

    It's a battle for the heart and soul of the United States, but what does the presidential election mean for the money matters of investors in Asia?
  6. FILE PHOTO: U.S. President-elect Joe Biden walks into the Queen Theatre in Wilmington

    Analysis: Biden's US$1.9 trillion rescue package offers bridge for hard-hit economy

    U.S. President-elect Joe Biden's proposal to pour US$1.9 trillion into a hobbled economy could lay the foundation for a surge in jobs and spending ...
  7. FILE PHOTO: The Nasdaq market site displays an Airbnb sign featuring CEO Brian Chesky on their bill

    Analysis: Amateur traders' euphoria leaves red-hot US IPOs with money on the table

    Wild stock gains on the first day of trading of Airbnb Inc and DoorDash Inc show how unprecedented demand this year from individual investors is ...
  8. October Surprise
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    Ep 25: October Surprise

    The pandemic hits the White House. Will it derail the economy and markets? Also, why Singapore property prices are defying the downturn. And how ...
  9. Electon 2020 Trump

    Commentary: Corporate America is breaking up with Donald Trump

    CEOs who once dreaded @realDonaldTrump tweets have lost their fear of the man behind them, says the Financial Times’ Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson.