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  1. A cashier serves a customer behind a plastic protection shield at a supermarket in Coueron near Nan

    Commentary: Is higher inflation just around the corner?

    Longer-term inflation risks are skewed much more to the upside than markets or policymakers seem to realise, says Kenneth Rogoff.
  2. FILE PHOTO: The Federal Reserve on Mayday in Washington

    Fed warns of 'significant' financial vulnerabilities from COVID-19 pandemic

    The US Federal Reserve warned Friday that the financial sector faces "significant" vulnerabilities due to the coronavirus pandemic, as businesses ...
  3. A trader works on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange shortly before the closing bell as the m

    Commentary: Even with near-zero interest rates, a global economic recession is almost certain

    The US Federal Reserve howitzer will minimise chances of financial calamity, but more will be needed to arrest the effects of the COVID-19 ...
  4. A trader looks on as a screen displays the U.S. Federal Reserve interest rates announcement on the

    Commentary: These ultra-low interest rates are hurting the economy

    In today’s low-interest-rate environment, a further decline in rates will most probably slow the economy by reducing productivity growth, say ...
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    Commentary: These low interest rates around the world are here to stay

    The trend towards lower real interest rates has lasted for decades and is as likely to continue as to reverse, says the Financial Times' Robin ...
  6. HK stock trader at Hong Kong stock exchange

    Commentary: Why the coming global recession will be harder to get out of

    The risk of a global recession and crisis in an already fragile global economy is rising, says New York University’s Nouriel Roubini.
  7. US Federal Reserve

    US Fed highlights strong economy, leaves rate unchanged

    Financial markets already expect an increase in the benchmark lending rate in September but the Fed's word choices are likely to solidify ...