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  1. Quake off Tonga island

    Magnitude-6.3 quake strikes northeast of Tonga: USGS

  2. Indonesia quake

    5.0 magnitude earthquake rocks Indonesia's Aceh

  3. Ecuador quake USGS

    Magnitude 6.2 quake rattles central Ecuador: USGS

  4. Iran quake map

    Two dead, 255 injured in Iran earthquake

  5. Vanuatu quake

    6.7-magnitude earthquake hits Vanuatu

  6. Mexico flattened bldg

    Hundreds killed in powerful Mexico earthquake

  7. Fossils

    Fossils point to life on Earth 4 billion years ago

    The oldest fossils ever found are "direct evidence" of life on Earth 3.8 to 4.3 billion years ago when our planet was still in its infancy, ...
  8. Pakistan quake

    Strong 6.3 quake strikes off Pakistan coast: USGS

    The shallow quake struck at 3.03am (6.03am Singapore time), with an epicentre just 23 kilometres southwest of Pakistan's coastal city of Pasni, ...