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  1. FILE PHOTO: New York Mayor Bloomberg prepares to speak to reporters after his meeting with U.S. Vic

    Commentary: Michael Bloomberg for US President? Only possible in a year like 2020

    If Michael Bloomberg does get in the race under this scenario, buckle up for what undoubtedly will be a wild ride, says Steven Okun.
  2. President Donald Trump makes a statement following reports that U.S. forces attacked Islamic State

    Commentary: Will killing Islamic State leader Baghdadi give Trump a boost in the polls?

    Some believe that presidents can boost their approval ratings by waging wars abroad, but such boosts are often short-lived, says LaGrange ...
  3. Prompts on how to use Amazon's Alexa personal assistant are seen alongside an Amazon Echo in a

    'Alexa, send US$20 to my favourite presidential candidate'

    Amazon said on Wednesday it will make donating to a U.S. presidential candidate as easy as turning on the lights or replenishing a household's ...