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  1. CNA Lifestyle

    Memories made of this: USB stick found in frozen seal poo

  2. New Content Item

    Commentary: Why the next hack could come from your new USB ports

    Protect data in your USB-C powered devices by not plugging into public USB ports without protection, suggest one observer.
  3. Photo illustration shows USB device being plugged into a laptop computer in Berlin

    Public servants barred from using unauthorised USB drives

  4. supposed dangerous usbs

    Melbourne suburb residents warned of 'extremely harmful' USB drives in mail

    "The USB drives are believed to be extremely harmful and members of the public are urged to avoid plugging them into their computers or other ...
  5. buses with USB

    Buses with USB charging ports to hit the road on Thursday

    The USB ports can be found on 10 SMRT buses starting from Thursday. An additional 137 buses with the feature will be rolled out on other routes ...