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  1. Dubai aims to vaccinate 70% of population by end of 2021

    Commentary: Even as vaccines are rolled out, life in 2021 unlikely to return to new normal

    As vaccination begins to take effect, what we'll be able to do will change – but the transformation will be slow, says an observer.
  2. Virus Outbreak Moderna Vaccine

    Commentary: Here’s why taking the vaccine is necessary even if it’s optional

    Singapore has addressed local transmission, but we must recognise that this success is transient and constantly at risk, says NUS’ Dr Alex Cook.
  3. SIA cargo vaccine loading

    Commentary: Can Singapore be a major COVID-19 vaccine transshipment hub and save its aviation industry?

    The share of COVID-19 vaccines that land in Singapore and utilise the cold chain equipment of Changi’s cargo handlers may ultimately be very ...
  4. Virus Outbreak Lummi Nation

    Vaccines reach COVID-19 ravaged indigenous communities in the US

    Vaccines reach COVID-ravaged Indigenous communities