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  1. More opting for greener gifts, spending quality time while avoiding crowds on Valentine's Day | Video
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    More opting for greener gifts, spending quality time while avoiding crowds on Valentine's Day | Video

    From eco-friendly to handmade gifts, more are going green this Valentine's Day. Some are also avoiding crowds as they spend quality time with ...

    Last minute Valentine’s Day idea: Skip the fresh roses and try dried flowers instead

    Still haven’t decided on what to give your loved one? Dried florals have been making a comeback – and they might actually be better than fresh ones.
  3. Valentines Day Jewellery HERO

    Gentlemen: How to pick the right jewellery for your loved one this Valentine’s Day

    You don’t want to send mixed signals. If you want to impress her with something more than a bouquet, there’s still time. Here are some of our picks.
  4. Florist Alvarez waits for customers at her store ahead of Valentine's Day in Los Angeles

    Valentine's Day and COVID-19 wreaths: Florists have never seen a February like this

    "At a time when someone is sending you an 'I love you' card, someone is sending an 'I loved you' card," says a florist in Florida who's been in ...
  5. Valentine’s Day Singapore

    Restaurants all booked out for Valentine’s? Consider these nifty alternatives

    With Valentine’s Day coinciding with the Chinese New Year long weekend this year, the city’s hottest restaurants are booked solid. What to do with ...
  6. Singapore Love Stories - Marriage Confessions
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    Ep 38: Singapore Love Stories - Marriage Confessions

    Four couples make their heart-to-heart confessions of the challenges that threatened their marriages and how they moved past the stigmas that ...
  7. The League dating app Singapore

    My fussy Valentine: New app in Singapore helps those with high standards find love

    You don’t even have to step out of the sanitised confines of your own home to snag your own Harvard hottie or Stanford sweetheart on exclusive ...
  8. Valentine's Day Singapore Alkaff Mansion

    Love in the time of coronavirus: Valentine’s Day plans still going strong

    Businesses across the island have been hit hard since Singaporeans have taken to hunkering down at home. But, apparently, we are making an ...
  9. Illustration of seafood

    Forget oysters – Singapore chefs reveal their favourite romantic foods

    Do prawns give a bedroom boost? Is the classic champagne-and-chocolate combination still popular? Local chefs reveal their culinary come-ons to ...
  10. Greeting card for Valentine's Day.

    Commentary: Handwritten valentines create a legacy of love and literacy

    Evolving research in the neurosciences and psychology underscores the value and benefit of these messages, especially if they are handwritten, for ...