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  1. VHR CNY tang bee leng 6

    Can you spot the ‘fake’ mushroom? A homecook’s pro tips on shopping for Chinese New Year delicacies

    From why waxed meat isn’t actually waxed, to choosing the right fungus, 67-year-old blogger Tang Bee Leng gives a Chinatown crash course on ...
  2. vhr padang 7

    Vegetarian rendang? In Padang, an iconic dish gets a healthier update

    Reputed in her village as a 'masterchef', Neni Rahdipa cooks traditional Minang recipes the old-school way her grandma taught her - using wood ...
  3. (ct) VHS Bugis 4 (1)

    Recipes from a different time: The Bugis art of slow and lemak cooking

    What makes Bugis home-cooking distinct from the standard Singaporean Malay fare? Madam Milah Bakri shows CNA Insider three dishes, in this ...
  4. Red Wine Chicken 1

    A home cook's vanishing art of home-brewed wine and hand-raised chicken

    Madam Ong Ah Lee, 71, shows the dying art of making the Hock Chew delicacy of red wine chicken from scratch at home – and why it’s better than ...