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  1. CNY vegan paleo gluten free low calorie snacks CNA Lifestyle 1

    Are you ready for vegan, paleo, low-sugar CNY snacks? Here's a taste test

    A pineapple tart made with no flour, butter, eggs or sugar? Guess some of us have no intention of pigging out in the Year Of The Pig.
  2. Vegan Salad Bowl

    Commentary: Why do vegans have such bad reputations?

    In the US, nearly half feel negatively towards vegetarians, according to one study.
  3. herd of brown and white cow in a farm

    Commentary: Eating less meat is a climate priority

    Two researchers from the University of Cambridge debunk claims that eating less meat has little impact on climate change.
  4. New Content Item

    Commentary: Think twice when considering banning beef

    Eating meat is fast becoming as repellent as smoking to many green campaigners but reducing meat won’t make the dent in climate change we need, ...
  5. colourful vegan food

    Commentary: Add more plants, and less meat to your meals. Here’s why

    Most people think of eating as a binary choice – you either go vegan or vegetarian or not at all, but this cannot be further from the truth, say ...