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  1. Topless man holding container of steamed vegetables

    No red meat, more veggies? How to know if a plant-based diet is right for you

    How is it different from being vegetarian? Will it really improve your health and fitness? CNA Lifestyle talked to health experts to find out if ...
  2. Vegetarian Foods for Delivery in Singapore

    Weekend veg out: Vegetarian food that’s available for delivery in Singapore

    Meat-free alternatives for a more balanced diet and a healthier post-circuit breaker you.
  3. Gangnam Insider's Picks
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    Ep 12: Vegetarian Lifestyle in Gangnam

    Explore a wide range of different vegetarian cultures in Gangnam. From restaurants to fashion products, find out some of the options on offer. 
  4. Yuen Oeij

    Meet the restaurateur creating plant-based versions of Singaporean food

    Vegan chicken rice or fried kway teow, anyone? Yuan Oeij, chairman of The Prive Group, is slowly but surely expanding his restaurants’ repertoire ...
  5. Dairy cows

    Commentary: Meat eaters think going vegan a good idea but will be unenjoyable and inconvenient

    Practical matters of taste, price and convenience are the main barriers preventing more people from adopting veganism, says a researcher.
  6. The eight course Chinese New Year menu from vegetarian restaurant Elemen

    Got a vegetarian in the family? Here's where to head for dinner during Chinese New Year

    These options should keep both the vegetarians and carnivores in the family belly happy.
  7. New Content Item

    Commentary: Think twice when considering banning beef

    Eating meat is fast becoming as repellent as smoking to many green campaigners but reducing meat won’t make the dent in climate change we need, ...
  8. colourful vegan food

    Commentary: Add more plants, and less meat to your meals. Here’s why

    Most people think of eating as a binary choice – you either go vegan or vegetarian or not at all, but this cannot be further from the truth, say ...