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  1. FILE PHOTO: An Audi 55 e-tron is seen ahead of the company's annual news conference at its hea

    US to test mirrorless, camera-based systems in automobiles

    The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration plans to test how drivers could use cameras to replace traditional rearview mirrors in ...
  2. singapore traffic, cars, coe - file photo

    COE premiums close mostly higher in latest bidding exercise

  3. Spain snow

    Spanish army called in as snow traps thousands on roads

  4. Traffic in Singapore (1)

    COE prices for goods vehicles tumble more than S$19,000 in latest exercise

    Premiums for commercial vehicles closed at S$26,501, down from S$45,906 in the last exercise two weeks ago.
  5. New Content Item

    Parliament passes amendments to Road Traffic Act

    Parliament has passed amendments to the Road Traffic Act, paving the way for stiffer penalties against vehicles that are illegally modified.