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  1. seafood horfun - vendcafe

    Some vending machine meals more unhealthy than their hawker alternative

    Talking Point tested three vending machine meals and found them higher in fat, salt and MSG content compared to their hawker-prepared counterparts.
  2. vending machine cafe going to london

    Chef-in-Box's vending machine cafes going to London by 2018

  3. shake salad 3

    Instant meals: A hindrance to healthy eating?

    Fancy a salted egg yolk pasta or seafood hor fun fresh out of a vending machine? More Singaporeans are turning to these increasingly sophisticated ...
  4. GC vendcafe 1

    Vending machine cafe opens outlet at Lakeside MRT station

  5. Chef-in-Box Ang Mo Kio

    Vending machine cafe opens at Ang Mo Kio MRT station

    Chef-in-Box VendCafe also unveiled new dishes including fried carrot cake and Spanish paella.
  6. Art Stage Singapore 2017

    From S$20 works to Instagram heaven: 5 reasons to check out Art Stage Singapore 2017

    If that masterpiece you have been eyeing is way above your budget, don’t worry - there are other things you can look forward to at the seventh ...
  7. Chinmoy Si Imbisibol

    Singapore's art scene needs to be part of the region to succeed: Art Stage fair founder

    Economic uncertainty and the future of the art market are under scrutiny at next year’s fair.
  8. Vending machine cafe

    More vending machine cafes, cashless payment at coffee shops under new food industry roadmap

    The new food services industry roadmap aims to address the shortage of manpower among businesses due to changing career aspirations among younger ...
  9. queues at vendcafe 1

    Instant hit: Singapore's first vending machine cafe draws queues

    Would you wait an hour and a half to purchase your meal from a vending machine?
  10. food vending machine

    Food for thought: Vending machines to dispense novel food items from September

    Restaurants will benefit as they gain exposure while still saving on the manpower and rental costs of opening new outlets. NEA, however, says it ...