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  1. Champions League - Celtic vs Paris St Germain

    Celtic icon Larsson quits as Helsingborg coach after verbal abuse

    Celtic great Henrik Larsson has quit as manager of Swedish side Helsingborg two months after taking charge after receiving verbal abuse from the ...
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    Home health care aides often face verbal abuse from clients

  3. Cabby

    Putting the brakes on abuse: How can taxi and bus drivers work safely?

    While cases of physical violence are generally isolated in Singapore, cabbies and bus captains say they are experiencing verbal abuse more often.
  4. Victoria Park murder

    Apex court upholds 18-year sentence for maid who murdered employer

    Dewi Sukowati killed Nancy Gan on Mar 19, 2014, after the socialite scolded the maid for serving her using a plastic tray, instead of a silver ...
  5. trio involved in thaipusam scuffle

    Trio accused of assaulting policemen in Thaipusam scuffle deny charges

    Ramachandra Chandramohan, 34, faces seven charges, including one for wounding the religious feelings of a Malay officer by insulting Allah.
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    Czech PM asks Britain to stop 'hateful attacks' on citizens

    The Czech leader said Prague was "disturbed by the increase in hateful attacks in Britain aimed at the citizens of EU member states".
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    Up to 20 US Marine personnel face action in Muslim recruit's death

    The US Marine Corps is weighing criminal or administrative charges against as many as 20 personnel at a recruit training depot following the death ...