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  1. A 3D printed Zoom logo

    Commentary: Despite stiffer competition, Zoom is ahead of the pack

    It’s not just Zoom’s popularity and use that has increased during COVID-19, the company’s share price has surged too, says Adrian Tan.
  2. A man taking using the Zoom APP at home

    Commentary: How not to be a Zoom bore

    The etiquette of video conferencing is still sadly a work in progress. Obeying these 10 rules can help you nail your Zoom meetings, says the ...
  3. A woman wears a face mask at Columbia University in New York City, where classes on Monday and Tues

    Commentary: The big shift towards e-learning as US universities move classes online amid coronavirus fears

    COVID-19 will require instructors to learn new tools and try new teaching techniques, says an observer.
  4. silhouette of a woman walking in an airport

    Commentary: Think flying is dead? Four reasons why business travel will bounce back from the COVID-19 slump

    Coronavirus may give this decline another push, but there is an irreducible minimum of travel that business people need to do and that is unlikely ...