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  1. Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban critics say that since coming to power in 2010 he has

    Hungary passes controversial science sector reform bill

    The Hungarian parliament passed a bill Tuesday enabling the takeover of research institutes by Prime Minister Viktor Orban's government, which is ...
  2. Protest against government's plans to overhaul the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

    Hungarians protest over government overhaul of academic bodies

  3. Ship accident on the Danube river in Budapest

    Captain of cruise ship questioned by police after boat crash killed 7 South Koreans

    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday he had asked for a thorough investigation into a boat accident on the Danube River in central ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: People protest outside the Hungarian Academy of Sciences against government's plan

    Defying scientists, Hungary will overhaul academic network, website reports

    Hungary is preparing legislation to strip the Hungarian Academy of Sciences of its research network, giving the government more control over ...
  5. Viktor Orban

    Hungary's Fidesz party seen winning 56% of votes

  6. FILE PHOTO: Italian Deputy PM Salvini and Hungarian PM Orban hold a joint news conference in Budape

    Bavarian, Austrian conservatives reject Orban's call to work with populists

    The leaders of Austria and Bavaria rejected on Friday a call by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban for their centre-right group in the European ...
  7. FILE PHOTO: Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban speaks at a migration summit in Budapest

    Hungary could resume anti-EU campaigns, says PM Orban

    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's government could resume media campaigns against European Union bodies, he suggested on Sunday, as his ...
  8. Orban's plan is designed to encourage Hungarian women to have more children and thus reverse

    Commentary: What Hungary is doing for families and women’s work-life balance

    Viktor Orban’s critics have been equally slow to understand the social and economic policies that help families and underpin his popularity, says ...
  9. Jean-Claude Juncker

    EU's Juncker hits out at Hungary PM over party group membership

  10. People take part in a protest against a proposed new labor law, billed as the "slave law"

    'We have had enough' say Hungarians rallying against PM Orban

    Several thousand Hungarians demonstrated in Budapest on Saturday against Prime Minister Viktor Orban and a new overtime law that has drawn workers ...