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  1. Orban's plan is designed to encourage Hungarian women to have more children and thus reverse

    Commentary: What Hungary is doing for families and women’s work-life balance

    Viktor Orban’s critics have been equally slow to understand the social and economic policies that help families and underpin his popularity, says ...
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    Hungary's Orban denounces 'blackmail' over EU censure move

    Prime Minister Viktor Orban vowed on Tuesday (Sep 11) that Hungary would resist any attempt to "blackmail" it into softening its anti-migrant ...
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    Commentary: A global revival of nationalists looms, as their resonance with voters grows

    Nationalist political parties are on the rise and taking inspiration from each other, says Financial Times' Gideon Rachman.
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    Commentary: Why Hungary may close one of Europe’s top-ranking, richest universities

    Europe’s views increasingly reflect that of Hungarian leader Viktor Orban, who is both strategically tenacious and visionary, but stands for ...
  5. Hungary PM Lee

    Singapore and Hungary keen to further economic cooperation: PM Lee