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  1. Woman using VR goggles

    Want to explore a real haunted house? Best virtual reality tours to try at home

    Travelling is still off the table, but you can have some memorable experiences at these places without ever leaving your home.
  2. FILE PHOTO: Tennis - ATP 500 - Mexican Open

    Bad back rules Nadal out of virtual reality charity match

    Rafael Nadal is no stranger to being out of action for months due to injuries taking a toll on his body but when the Spaniard pulled out from a ...
  3. Defying The Odds
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    Ep 3: Defying The Odds

    Steep market declines see defensive stocks defy the odds. But will they continue to outshine in a virus-led downturn? And after a rocky Q1, is the ...
  4. Hero-Virtual-reality-travel-screen-grab_virtual-Yosemite-Tour-_mod

    We’re stuck at home – could this be the moment virtual reality travel takes off?

    From virtually swimming next to a manta ray to playing a game that takes players on a holiday, armchair adventures await.
  5. For The King
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    Ep 1: Breaking Physical Boundaries

    Paralympic swimmer Pin Xiu is hyper-independent and takes a low-tech approach to life. Teenager Tamimi loves to draw but first, he has to learn to ...
  6. New Content Item
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    Ep 3: Into The Spectrum

    13-year-old Jun Le has autism. Can technology empower him to become more independent as he gets older? Could there be a future for him as a ...
  7. Oculus Quest all-in-one VR device is shown in an undated photo

    To train more workers, companies turn to virtual reality

    The future of employee training involves no embarrassing role-playing in front of new colleagues or boring web modules which take an hour each to ...
  8. Will Smith in Gemini Man movie

    From Apple’s Memojis to Will Smith's clone: How virtual reality will shape the 2020s

    The virtual and the real world are starting to move even closer together – will we be able to tell the difference?
  9. Oculus headgear

    Commentary: Life is humdrum. Virtual Reality life is little different

    The trend to create VR versions of existing games and videos will not work, in the same way that radio play would make terrible television, says ...
  10. Security company Certis launches new S$10 million training facility | Video
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    Security company Certis launches new S$10 million training facility | Video

    Certis' new S$10 million corporate university will offer courses for workers in the sector to upgrade their skills, with students using tools such ...