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  1. The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine has significantly reduced the incidence of cervical cancer

    Commentary: HPV, the silent virus behind cervical cancer

    Both early vaccination and early screening are key to eradicating this deadly virus and preventing cervical cancer, says NCIS’ Dr Ida Ismail-Pratt.
  2. hiv testing

    'It's a death sentence': HIV myths debunked

  3. India on alert as zika virus hits tourism hotspot of Jaipur

    Zika virus cases spike in India's Jaipur as peak tourist season nears

  4. New Content Item

    Russia says ASF might have come to China from the EU

  5. Zika Simon Place 2

    Two new cases of Zika confirmed at Flower Road, Hendry Close

    Both of the new cases of infection are residents in the area and efforts to control the mosquito population are ongoing, says the National ...
  6. Zika Simon Place 2

    Fogging at Simon Place day after Zika cluster discovered

    On Wednesday (Mar 29), two members of the same household were confirmed to have the virus.
  7. Malaysia chickens

    Bird flu outbreak in Kelantan contained, no known human infections: Minister

    More than a thousand poultry birds have been culled within a 2km radius of the affected areas.
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    Dengue cases may increase in next few months

    NEA says a key concern is the higher population of the mosquito which spreads dengue fever in the past month. Sixty per cent more Aedes aegypti ...