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  1. TP ep 22 - covid19 mass testing
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    Ep 22: Should We ALL Be Allowed COVID-19 Tests?

    Testing for COVID-19 is being ramped up in Singapore, but only certain groups of people can get tested. With the virus mutating and potentially ...
  2. CNA_Insider_Why_It_Matters_COVID-19_Pandemic_Social_Distancing_Robot_Technology_Joshua_Lim
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    Ep 6: Innovations In A Pandemic

    The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a wave of creativity from scientists and inventors. A face shield that allows you to project your voice while ...
  3. TP ep 20 - dengue
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    Ep 20: Why Can't We Get Rid Of Dengue?

    As Singapore grapples with the Covid-19 pandemic, another killer is on the loose: Dengue. In the first 8 months of the year we have recorded more ...
  4. CNA+: Talking Point investigates why we can't get rid of dengue
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    CNA+: Talking Point investigates why we can't get rid of dengue

    A bite-size version of what you have missed on "Asia First".
  5. Ministerial taskforce to deal with COVID19 Apr 5

    Commentary: Making sense of shifting goalposts in public policy and the science of COVID-19

    COVID-19 has demonstrated the need for scientific literacy, an understanding of the trade-offs behind public policy and clear government ...
  6. St Louis Federal Reserve Bank President James Bullard speaks at a public lecture in Singapore

    Wall Street 'about right' as US muddles through virus risk: Fed's Bullard

    St Louis Federal Reserve President James Bullard says Wall Street has got it right and he expects the United States to do better than many ...
  7. TP ep 17 - clean homes
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    Ep 17: How Clean Is My Home?

    Since the COVID-19 outbreak, major retailers have seen the sales of household cleaning products gone up up. But does this translate to cleaner ...
  8. CNA_Talking Point_Which mask is best for me_Diana Ser
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    Ep 14: Which Mask Is Best For Me?

    As the world faces a shortage of surgical masks, host Diana Ser goes behind the scenes at Singapore’s main surgical mask factory to find out if ...