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  1. Ep 1
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    Ep 1: Facing The Challenge

    COVID-19 arrives and the government, healthcare workers and average Singaporeans react. Hear stories of tough decisions and fast action to face ...
  2. Ep 2
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    Ep 2: The Road Ahead

    COVID-19 spreads into migrant-worker dormitories, causing alarm but also sparking Singaporeans to help out. The pandemic also results in economic ...
  3. Ep 3
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    Ep 3: Silent Spreaders

    Contact tracers are confronted by a sudden surge of infections in Singapore.
  4. Ep 2
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    Ep 2: Church Cluster Mystery

    Contact tracers are confounded by a growing cluster of COVID-19 infections at two churches that have no known links to China. Hunting down the ...
  5. New Content Item
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    Ep 1: Patient 1

    Contact tracers leap into action as the first COVID-19 case is confirmed in Singapore. They have 24 hours to track and contain this deadly new ...
  6. Virus Outbreak Missouri Vaccine

    New Brazilian coronavirus variant appears in US

    The Brazilian variant of the coronavirus contains a set of mutations that may affect its ability to be recognised by antibodies, according to the ...
  7. Insight FY2021 ep 33
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    Ep 33: COVID-19, One Year On

    With vaccines now being rolled out, are we close to seeing the end of the COVID-19 pandemic?
  8. TP ep 33 - covid-19 vaccine
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    Ep 33: Will You Get A COVID-19 Vaccine?

    As COVID-19 vaccines are rolled out in Singapore, Talking Point takes your questions to an expert panel. Just how safe is the vaccine, to what ...
  9. A surfer passes a warning sign on the beach as new stay-at-home orders begin in Southern California

    California becomes biggest US state to launch COVID-19 contact-tracing app

    California on Monday announced an app to help people track their exposure to the coronavirus, becoming the biggest U.S. state to take advantage of ...